I hope that you are visiting this portion of my site out of curiosity, and not because you have experienced the loss of a child. If you have, I am so sorry! Every experience is different, so I won't pretend to know exactly what other parents have been through. HOWEVER, I do know the pain of a mother when her child has to go back to heaven too soon. When my daughter Savannah was unexpectedly stillborn at 35 weeks on February 9, 2008 my wonderful nurses called the non-profit company Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and they came and took some beautiful pictures of Savannah while she was in the nursery and I was having my DNC. At the time I was mortified that they would want to take pictures of my dead baby and would only let her take one picture of her with me. But time heals and as I began to heal I was so glad that I had those pictures. They have become treasured keepsakes for me. They are a reminder to me that SHE WAS HERE. She wasn't just a mass of cells, or a "mistake of nature". She is my daughter that was so valiant she didn't need to stay, she just needed to come here to get a body and then move on to more important work. She had 10 fingers and 10 toes. She looked just like her big sister. My husband and I got to help create her little body and we are just as proud of her as we are our other children. I wanted to find a tasteful way to get to display our pictures of our beautiful little girl without making others that enter my home feel uncomfortable. I wanted to find a way for them to convey her sweet little spirit that others that weren't in the hospital with us that day didn't get to experience. I also had countless people step up and serve us as we experienced the death of our daughter and I wanted to find a way I could do the same for others.

Enter Angel Babies.

The service I offer is free of charge. If you have a favorite picture of your little one, or a picture of a favorite keepsake that reminds you of your little one and you want to turn it into a work of art that you can proudly display in your home send it to me. I would be honored to turn your precious pictures into a cherished keepsake. If you do not have a picture or you are the loved one of someone that has experienced this unimaginable loss and you just want something to give them to offer hope or comfort, I also have a few poems, songs and scriptures for you to choose from that have brought me peace. Please feel free to look through the keepsakes I have displayed below. If you have something else in mind that is not listed here, please
email me and we can make it happen. For ordering instruction please go to my Place Your Order page. Since this service is free, framing and printing will not be offered at this time. Rather, once you approve your final proof I will send your keepsake to you via email in a jpg format and you can take to any photo center (ie: Walmart)

I have met so many amazing people that have been through similar experiences that have uplifted and inspired me. They have been such a blessing in my life and in my healing process. I would like to make it easier for others to reach out you special moms. I would like to post a link list of other mothers that have angel babies so others that come across this site can be blessed in the same way I have been. If you are interested in having your blog added to this list please
email me and I will have you added. You can be removed at anytime by sending another email.

Thank you, and may you feel the tender mercies of the Lord as you travel down the road of healing.

Sarah Garner
Savannah's Mommy
I have received so much strength from these amazing women. I have found that the Savior has helped me take one of the toughest trials of my life and used it as an opportunity to eternally bond me to other women that amaze me with their strength. I think the Savior truly wants us to use these opportunities to feel love for others and to bless each others lives. Below is a list of Angel mommies that have blessed my life. I hope you can find strength from them as well. If you would like to be added/deleted from my list please email me: ldkeepsakes@gmail.com

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